Eyalet milletvekili Adem Somyürek’ten şok istifa


Ulusal basında çıkan haberlere göre Türk kökenli Victoria eyalet milletvekili ve kabinede bakanlık görevi olan Adem Somyürek’in, siyasi ilişkileriyle ilgili gizli kaydedilmiş konuşma ve görüntülerinin ortaya çıkması gündeme adeta bomba gibi düştü.

Eyalet Hükümeti’nde Yerel Yönetimler ve Küçük İşletmeler Bakanı ve aynı zamanda İşçi Partisi ulusal yönetiminin bir üyesi olan Adem Somyürek, yaşanan gelişmeler sonrası bakanlık görevinden istifa ederken konu hakkında Victoria Başbakanı Daniel Andrews’ün bir basın toplantısı yapması bekleniyor.

Olay sonrası Adem Somyürek tarafından yapılan açıklama metni: 

This morning I advised the Premier of my resignation as a Minister.

It follows publication of numerous personal and private conversations between myself and a long term friend and factional ally of mine.

It is clear that I was taped and surveilled in a Federal electorate office without my knowledge and that this material was published without my knowledge of its existence or my consent.

I will be taking steps to seek a police investigation into these matters.

With respect to allegations made around memberships of the party, I reject those and will be providing a rigorous defence during any party process.

The conversations published without my knowledge or consent were with someone who I trusted about internal party matters.

There are many robust discussions that occur on any given day in the Labor Party across all factions.

However I accept and take full responsibility for the fact that my language on a number of occasions was simply not appropriate.

While Ms Williams and I have been at odds factionally for many years, I should not have used the language I did about her and I apologise to her unequivocally.

Further, I am deeply sorry for language I used regarding highly valued and exceptional young people who are members of the LGBTI community.

These comments have quite rightly cost me my job.

Konu hakkında detayları sizlere aktarmaya devam edeceğiz.


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