Mersin Yöremizin Meşhur Damak Tadı, Anatolia Tantuni ile artık Melbourne Fitzroy Semtinde



Anavatanımızda iyi bilinen ancak Avustralya’da pekçoğumuzun belki de hiç bilmediği Mersin yöremizin dillere destan yemeği..

Avustralya Postası olarak bu lezzeti tatmak isteyenlerin çok yakın zamanda 15 Johnston Street Fitzroy adresinde faaliyete geçen Anatolia Tantuni adlı işyerine uğrayıp nezih bir ortamda tantuni yemelerini tavsiye ediyoruz.

Anatolia Tantuni’yi ziyaret eden Avustralyalılar bakın ne demiş:

Tina Haase

Excellent service and genuine Turkish goodies! Lovely Turkish delight and other sweets if you are inclined that way; also would be great for that late night kebab. Would recommend/10


I must say that for a place that has opened recently, the atmosphere is there. Food is delicious. I have eaten many varieties of tantuni but this one was tender beef strips cooked with their mix of spices and it was quite satisfying. I had to have more than one. Especially pickled paper and gherkins has given that extra kick to it.
It was a random trial for the first time. I will go for it again with my family next. I’m sure my kids and wife will get hooked on to it as well.

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Adresi: 15 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Telefon numarası: 0430 545 848


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